Want to Get a Look at the New Communication Sites? Here’s a Trick!

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If you’re like me, words can be confusing. When Andy Haon (@AndyHaon) tweeted that Communication sites were starting to roll out, I wanted to get a look. However, I didn’t see the option in my First Release tenant. I wondered what “Select Users” meant and whether I wasn’t one somehow.

Luckily for me, Twitter is really useful for stuff like this. Rick de Vries (@RickdeVries) pointed out that there a two “flavors” of First Release – First release for everyone and First release for selected users.

By switching my tenant so that Julie (@jfj1997) and I are “selected users” instead of just having the tenant-wide setting, we can now see the option to create Communication sites.

Here’s how you do this, assuming you have administrative permissions.

Got to the Admin center and click on Settings / Organizational profile / Release preferences. There you’ll see the two different First Release options:

For more information, check out Set up the Standard or First Release options in Office 365. I couldn’t figure out how to get the UI to add individual users to work, so I ended up uploading a csv file with our two email addresses. #YMMV Note that it took at least a few hours (possibly overnight) for me to see the Communication site option.

Et voila! We can now create Communication sites from the SharePoint home page.



  1. We are configure to use “FIrst release for selected users”, however, after clicking on SharePoint in the app launcher, we do not see the Communications page. There is a yellow thin banner stating some things may not show up due to Office Graph being disabled. Does viewing of the Comm page require Office Graph to be enabled (in O365 as well as SPO settings)?

    Thanks, Cindy

    • @Cindy:

      Communication Sites have rolled out across all tenants now, so this post is obsolete. Communication Sites can be created from SharePoint Home.

      You shouldn’t be seeing the Office Graph disabled message unless your organization has intentionally turned it off, which I would STRONGLY discourage.



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