1. In the offchance this is a double post, we had some weird network hiccup:

    Marc, is this O365 only? We’re on premises in 2013 and I don’t appear to have to ask for the TaxonomyCatchAll column to see the term labels when I GET a list that has managed metadata columns. They come back as part of the return.

    • @Chris:

      I don’t have an on premises SharePoint 2013 instance to test on, but I’m certain that the REST APIs are behind there. They also may be behind in SharePoint 2016. That’s the nature of SaaS: they can update it very frequently. I’m not sure when the TaxonomyCatchAll field showed up, unfortunately. I’ll see if I can find out…


  2. I really like this approach but now it turned out that this does not work if you are working with a subsite. I receive an error there because the lookup list is not in the same web.


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