1. I read the original post you referenced, I think you left out a step. After you login to skype with your Microsoft account, then it asks you if you have a Skype account, if you fill in your skype credentials, then it brings you to the merge credentials screen.

    And after that, what happens to your skype account name–is it dead? Will Skype go and update everybody’s contact list with my new account name? I don’t like this–people could have my skype name in their main contact manager, but not necessarily in their Skype contact list.

    • Jason:

      Hmm. No good answer on that anywhere that I’ve found. On the Skype site, there’s an article called What happens to my contacts when I merge my Skype and Microsoft accounts? that says:

      What happens to my Skype and Microsoft contact lists after I merge my accounts?

      After merging your accounts, your Microsoft contacts will appear within your Skype contact list and your Skype contacts will be displayed within your Microsoft account contacts. However, if you have a friend in your Skype contact list and also in your Messenger list, your contact will appear twice in Skype.



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