MetaVis Webinar “Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier” Wrap Up

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MetavisIt was great doing the webinar for MetaVis yesterday called “Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier“. Thanks to Dave Coleman (@davecoleman146) for the invitation to do this and the facilitation, and to Peter Senescu of MetaVis.

If you haven’t looked at MetaVis’ tools for managing your SharePoint farm, whether for migration, working with your information architecture, or any of the great things they do, you really should. I’ve used their tools in the past (though it’s been a while) and they are first rate. Perhaps even better, I found that their support was phenomenal.

I’ve posted WSPs for SharePoint 2010 which contain the sites I used in the demos to my Sympraxis Consulting Demos site. They are in the Demo Site Templates Document Library at the top right of the page. (Yes, my demo site is still on crufty old WSS 3.0. It’s not snazzy, but it gets things done.)

As soon as I get a link to the recording of the webinar, I’ll add it here, as well. You’ll also be able to find it on the MetaVis blog.

Thanks to all who attended!







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