SharePoint Is Going Away: A Compendium of Content

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Unless you’ve been on vacation and disconnected or have taken a mental holiday from the SharePoint blogosphere, you’ve probably seen or heard of Steve Gaitten‘s post on the The Bamboo Team Blog called SharePoint is Going Away.

I thought that I would start to collect the other posts I spot which are responses to Steve’s post, inspired by it, or strongly connected (in my opinion). If nothing else, it’ll capture this small moment of time for us all to refer back to in a year or two to see how close or far off we all were.

Posts like Steve’s serve a great value in that they can provoke discussion and debate, which is almost always a good thing. My hope is that the folks in Redmond have at least perused some of this content to see what the community has to say and believes might happen. The Microsoft aircraft carrier can’t and shouldn’t change course because of any of it, but they should always be aware of what the community is feeling.

If you have seen a related post, leave a link in the comments and I’ll keep my list updated.

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Mike Watson (@jmikewatson) SharePoint: Rumors of My Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated

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