SharePointy Observations from Vacation

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Yeah, I’m hanging out on a beach in Mexico (Morgan Freeman isn’t here; someone told me he stopped by many years ago), but I never really stop SharePointing; I’m a SharePointilist.

A few observations from the lounge chair, each of which will probably turn into a full post itself:

  • If you are publishing ANYTHING about SharePoint and there isn’t a very handy Tweet This button available, you’re missing out on exposure.
  • The #SPHelp hashtag is getting overused, misused, and is in danger of being burned just like the #SharePoint hashtag. Think very hard before using it.
  • If you are using SharePoint 2010 for your Internet-facing site, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO consider mobile users. If I kept a list of the sites on which I can’t access content from my iPhone lying in the sun this week, you’d be amazed. I’m talking big name sites that should know better.

Many thanks to Mike Greene (@webdes03) for babysitting SPServices for me while I laze. He’s oftentimes far better in his responses than I am, so please say thanks if he helps you.



  1. I’ve never used the former of those tagswhichmustnotbeused–but how are they endangered? if a tweet is about SharePoint, shouldn’t it be tagged as such? Or should it get more specific?

    • Claire:

      With #SPHelp, what I’m worried about is too much noise in the channel. The #SharePoint hashtag has been jumped on by recruiters, bots, you name it, so that setting up a column with just SharePoint as the filter has become relatively worthless. (I have a column with SharePoint AND jQuery which still works OK, but there’s even a lot of noise there.)

      In my view, #SPHelp should be used for the “I’m giving a demo to the CEO and I deleted my Site Collection” types of cases. We have so many good channels for general SharePoint help (SPOverflow, Stump the Panel, MSDN, etc.) that #SPHelp should be reserved for time critical cases.

      I’m seeing people attaching #SPHelp to their blog post announcements and general questions about SharePoint (“Is SharePoint good for…”). This waters it down and will degrade its usefulness.

      All my opinion, of course, and worth exactly what you’ve paid for it!



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