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This post was cross-posted on on 5 April, 2011.

<UPDATE time=”+30mins”>Yes, I’m bound to have forgotten some really important people and sites in this post. I’m already getting pings about it. I wanted to point out the people who are on *my* A-List. Please add comments with yours!</UPDATE>

Unlike most of my posts, the word “design” in the title doesn’t have “er” at the end of it. (SharePoint Designer really is a poor product name. I’ve said it before and it looks like I just said it again.)

Louise van der Bijl (@SynStalker) did an #SPHelp tweet this morning asking for good design resources:

I had a few suggestions, so I figured I’d capture them here. Let me know what else belongs on the list!

My go-to SharePoint design gurus:

There are a few excellent sites out there that many people may not know about, but should.


Christian runs the site, which is an excellent place for people interested in SharePoint design to interact and post content.

I know that Kyle has been working on a site called SharePointDesigNerds, but it doesn’t seem to be live yet. I talked to Kyle about it at SharePoint Conference .ORG and it sounds like it will be an fantastic resource.



  1. I’m a big fan of Kyle Schaeffer’s [] and Wictor Wilen’s [] sites. Hadn’t come across Michael Greene before–I’ll have to check him out!


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