1. Hi Marc,

    Have you found any way on how to make adjustments to this? We would like to make the quick launch and the metadata navigation area wider, but the resizer (draggable border seems to be stuck.

    Any help is much appreciated. :-)

  2. Hi Mark,

    Sorry, bad choice of word :-)

    It’s not actually stuck, I can use the draggable border just as intended.

    But I have adjusted the width on the quick launch, because many of the keywords from the metadata service structure is fairly long. So I was hoping in doing that, that the draggable border also moved farther to the right, because of the new width of the quick launch area. It doesn’t. It stays put. Hence the word “stuck”. :-)

    Any idea on how to fix this? Is it at all supposed to work like this?

  3. Following css should resolve the issue:

    body #s4-leftpanel{
    width:180px; !important;

    #GrippyVerticalBarPositionHelper > div
    left:180px !important;
    .left-nav-bar, .ms-KFMenu
    width:180px !important;

    margin-left:182px; !important;

  4. Hi

    Is there a possibility that i have this dragging functionality without activating the “metadata navigation…” feature through custom branding?

    Any pointers would be very helpful

    Thanks and regards

  5. Hi! I’ve got two libraries in wich the “GrippyVerticalBar” is available. By the way, its default size is too small to hold the menu and EVERYTIME we need to resize it manually. Is there a way to make its default size larger? Is the css different for each library where metadata navigation is activated? Thank you!

  6. Hi Marc! OMG this post is brilliant! I wonder if you could help me out with something tho – I want to make the height of the box longer – when it expands we’re losing a lot of the menu and I don’t want t0 have to ask my users to manually resize every time. Any idea how I’d do this?

    Many thanks in advance ;)


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