jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServices) v0.5.8 Released

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Earlier today I released SPServices v0.5.8. The headlines for this release are: more operations, including the first SharePoint 2010 (SP2010) only operation, and a new function, SPUpdateMultipleListItems.


The Social Data Service Web Service is the first SP2010-only Web Service I’ve added to SPServices. This Web Service allows you to interact with the new social capabilities in SP2010, including tags, comments, and ratings. SPservices v0.5.8 includes all 36 operations available in the Web Service.


When you want to update multiple items in a list, there’s no “one-step” way to do it. It requires a call to GetListItems to find the specific items you want to update, usually based on some common criteria such as status or parent item connection, and then a separate call to UpdateListItems to actually make the changes. In the cases where you’d like to apply the same change to a set of items, until now you’ve had to build those two calls together yourself. SPUpdateMultipleListItems provides a generalized way to do this without having do do as much work.

Other New Operations

SPServices v0.5.8 also includes some additional operations which I missed in my first pass through the Webs Web Service and the Users and Groups Web Service. I haven’t always “wrapped” everry single operation, but only the ones which interested me, seemed like they would be interesting to others, or the ones which people have requested. The additions in v0.5.8 plug some of those holes.

Bug Fixes

There are a couple of bug fixes in this release, as usual. I was trying to use SPArrangeChoices with a Survey the other day and realized that I had never tested that situation and that the function didn’t actually work in that instance. It does now! I also fixed a small omission with GetRoleInfo which prevented it from working. There were a few other small tweaks which are recored in the Issue Tracker but which aren’t worth mentioning here.


I want to thank Mark Rackley (@mrackley), Jim Bob Howard (@jbhoward), and Matt Bramer (@iOnline247) for their help with the additional Webs Web Service operations, the idea and sample code for SPUpdateMultipleListItems, and the UserGroup Web Service Remove Role operation, respectively.

Release Notes

As always, here are the release notes, captured for posterity.

New Functionality

Alpha Issue Tracker Item Function Operation Description
ALPHA6 7573 $().SPServices.SPUpdateMultipleListItems NA UpdateListItems and CAMLQuery -> New SPUpdateMultipleListItems Function

New Operations

Alpha Web Service Operation Options MSDN Documentation Issue Tracker Item
ALPHA1 SocialDataService GetAllTagUrls termID SocialDataService.GetAllTagUrls Method 7492
ALPHA1 SocialDataService GetRatingAverageOnUrl url SocialDataService.GetRatingAverageOnUrl Method 7492

ALPHA2 – Many more SocialDataService operations. See the SocialDataService Web Service page.
ALPHA5 – The remainder of the SocialDataService operations. See the SocialDataService Web Service page.
(There’s a character limit in the release notes on Codeplex, so I couldn’t show everything.)

ALPHA3 Webs GetColumns NA Webs.GetColumns Method NA
ALPHA3 Webs GetContentType contentTypeId Webs.GetContentType Method NA
ALPHA3 Webs GetContentTypes NA Webs.GetContentType Method NA
ALPHA3 Webs GetCustomizedPageStatus fileUrl Webs.GetCustomizedPageStatus Method NA
ALPHA3 Webs CreateContentType displayName, parentType, newFields, contentTypeProperties Webs.CreateContentType Method NA
ALPHA4 Webs UpdateColumns newFields, updateFields, deleteFields Webs.UpdateColumns Method NA
ALPHA5 Webs UpdateContentType contentTypeId, contentTypeProperties, newFields, updateFields, deleteFields Webs.UpdateContentType Method NA
ALPHA6 UserGroup RemoveRole roleName Webs.RemoveRole Method NA

Bug Fixes and Efficiency

Alpha Issue Tracker Item Function Operation Description
ALPHA4 7527 $().SPServices GetRoleInfo GetRoleInfo Missing from WSops
ALPHA6 7583 ().SPServices.SPArrangeChoices NA SPArrangeChoices Doesn’t Work with Survey Questions

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