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C’mon, we’ve all done it. We get that invitation to connect on LinkedIn, and in a moment of weakness, we say “Sure!”.  Then later we wonder who the heck Bert is, anyway. Or you realize that the guy you thought was wonderful and wouldn’t it be great to show everyone you knew actually turned out to be an utter cad.

I’ve had to look hard for the page where I can remove connections a few times, and since I just did again, I figured I’d post it here for posterity. I *think* it’s been in roughly the same place every time, but I don’t go there often, so I always forget.

Go to Contacts / My Connections and in the upper right under the search box, you should see a link to Remove Connections. That takes you to this page, where you can quietly and privately remove connections from your profile.

Lest you worry that your old pal will realize you are severing the ties:

imageI know that many people try to collect as many souls as they can put in their guffin with services like LinkedIn, but I try to make my connections mean something. That means that I try to limit my connections to people I’ve worked with on something significant, respect for their work in my fields of interest, or are related to me. Sometimes I screw up, and that’s when this page comes in handy. Sorry, Bert.



  1. Marc,

    Thanks for posting this. A couple colleagues in social network marketing gave me the complete opposite advice from what’s above, but it just didn’t seem right.

    I don’t see the point in keeping Linkedin connections that have no meaning or turn out to be a “cad”.

    I’m pleased to see that there are folks who filter their Linkedin connections rather than accrue mass amounts of meaningless connections.



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