Why Is jQuery Spelled the Way It Is? Direct Answer from John Resig

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You’ve gotta love Twitter. Yesterday, Greg Schaefer asked in the forums for my Enhancing the User Experience with jQuery course at USPJ Academy why jQuery is spelled the way it is. I had no idea, so off to the InterWebs.  I didn’t see an obvious answer after a little Binging, so I figured I’d tweet the question:


Bil Simser joined the game and decided he really wanted to know the answer, too. 



Of course John Resig knew the answer, as Bill pointed out, but we’re just two of his 29,809 followers.  I didn’t figure that this would get his attention.

Bil sweetened the pot.



Et voila: the real answer from the master himself. “Felt right” is good enough for me!




  1. That’s great! Maybe I should get on Twitter…
    Do I (maybe) get a jQuery book too? ;-)

    Have to say ‘jQuery’ does ‘feel right’ – maybe b/c I saw it so many times for about a year and half now. Have to say, it feels ‘weird’ to me when people spell is out ‘JQuery’, ‘jquery’ or ‘Jquery’

    It does work well – especialy with the logo, font used, how the motto ‘write less, do more’ is integrated to it. It is a good example of branding/ identity building.

    The same applies for the jQuery UI and the yellow ‘smiley’.

    Would there a ‘juicy’ story behind those logos and identity as well?



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