Keeping Score on 64 bit vs. 32 bit Microsoft Applications

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As those of you who follow this blog know, I’ve get the best laptop in the world.  One of the joys of it is the 64 bit architecture.  I was lagging behind with my old Jornata Dell Latitude D820, and now I can VM with the big boys.

But can I really?  It turns out that many 64 bit applications are actually a step backward in other ways.

Product Architecture Benefits Drawbacks
Office 2010 32 bit
  • My Excel spreadsheets can only cover the state of RI
64 bit
  • Really big Excel spreadsheets that can cover the eastern US
  • Very few add-ins work
  • Can’t cohabitate with SharePoint Designer 2007 (my workhorse tool) *unless* you uninstall SPD first, install O2010x64, and then reinstall SPD2007. (Last bit per Jeremy below)
  • Can’t use Datasheet view with SharePoint lists
Internet Explorer 32 bit    
64 bit  
  • No Flash – Adobe doesn’t have an x64 plugin (per @gusfraser) Ed.: Not clear that this is a drawback. ;+)

What else goes in the tables?  Tell me your plusses and minuses, and I’ll update the tables so that everyone can make good decisions.



  1. As a young lad I was told there was no such word as “can’t”. Finally I get to prove it…You can install SharePoint Designer 2007 alongside Office 2010 RTM 64-bit, just install it afterwards.

  2. I’m interested to hear about the ability to have SPD 2007 x86 running alongside Office 2010 x64 by installing SPD 2007 after Office 2010. I wonder if there will be any problems when updates / hotfixes / service packs get applied? I guess the answer is probably going to be “we don’t know yet!”


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