jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services v0.3.2 Released

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We released v0.3.2 of the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services today.  This release contains a new function which was inspired by a blog post by Waldek Mastykarz.  See the release notes below for details.  Let us know if you see other cool stuff like this that you’d like to use.  There are definitely some great ideas on Jan Tielen’s blog and others, and we want to be sure to add things to the library that will get real use.

v0.3.1 has had 132 downloads to date, so the numbers are clearly going up as folks hear about this library.  Drop us a note here or in the Codeplex discussion and let us know what you’re accomplishing.  Also let us know if there’s something you’re having trouble with or if there’s a way we can make the documentation clearer.

We’ve had some comments that more code examples would be helpful, so watch for those.  We have lot of samples we can share which come from our testing and it’s just a matter of getting the time to post them in the documentation.  In the meantime, the best reference for the Web Services themselves are the MSDN articles which we give links to in the $().SPServices listings.

Finally, I’m sorry that I won’t be at SPC09 next week to meet all of you who have contributed to or commented on the library.  Pick me up some swag!


Release Notes

This function allows you to provide a link in forms for Lookup columns so that the user can add new values to the Lookup list easily. It is based on a blog post by Waldek Mastykarz. (see Credits)



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