Odd SharePoint Designer Custom Form Behavior

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@workerthread tweeted this today:

Really interested to hear if you can reproduce weird #SharePoint Designer custom form behaviour detailed here http://bit.ly/60Tko

I ran through the steps Derek outlines, and I do indeed see the odd behavior that he reports.  I’ve never seen this before because this isn’t the usual sequence I go through to create my custom forms.  My usual method is this:

  1. Create a copy of the default form
  2. Open the copy and either delete the original LFWP or convert it to XSLT.  I usually delete it.
  3. If I haven’t converted to XSLT, I add a new Data View: Data View / Insert Data View from the top menu

While everyone seems to say that you MUST leave the default LFWP on the page and hide it, I never do this, and I’ve never seen any adverse effects.  (This is one for the SharePoint Myths series.)


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