jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services v0.2.9 Released

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Today we released v0.2.9 of our jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services.  This release includes a new function suggested by pagalvin in this Discussion thread.  It’s somewhat limited in what it can do at the moment, but we wanted to get some feedback before adding more options to it.  The screenshot below shows how it can display related items below a dropdown selection: in this case, the Region and State dropdowns.

We’ve also added three new Web Service operations; the full release notes are below.

Release Notes

New Functions

Function Description Status
SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo Displays related information on forms. This function will let you display related information based on a selection in a dropdown, as outlined by pagalvin in this discussion. Prototype

Changes to Options

Function Operation Options Description
SPServices UpdateListItems updates Implemented the updates Batch element for full control over updates. (The default operation interface.)

New Functionality

Function Operation Description

New Operations

Web Service Operation Options MSDN Documentation
Lists AddList [webURL], listName, description, templateID Lists.AddList Method
  DeleteList [webURL], listName Lists.DeleteList Method
  GetListAndView [webURL], listName, viewName Lists.GetListAndView Method



Bug Fixes




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