Experts Exchange Hack

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If you, like me, find yourself clicking on links in Bing results which take you to just to be frustrated that you can’t see the answers, I recently stumbled across a hack to see them. I’m sure they will plug this once more people realize it, but in the search results, click on the ‘Cached page’ link instead of the page itself. It won’t look pretty, but you should be able to read the full discussion. (You might need to scroll down a bit.)

NOTE: Rob’s comment below makes my “hack” unnecessary, so read it for the right answer.



  1. Hi Marc,

    In fact it’s even easier than that… Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, below all of the hidden answers and the big categories list, and you’ll find the solution there. This only works (to my knowledge) on search engine delivered results, not ones where you search directly against experts.

    My guess is they’re unlikely to plug this, as it’s been like this for a long time and the only reason they get such good search rankings is because they let the engines crawl the solutions as well as the questions.



    • Well, that just goes to show that a little more patience on my part is always useful! I’d never scrolled down below the info about the 30-day free trial.


  2. Marc,

    Have you seen Stack Overflow (programming questions) or Server Fault (enterprise IT questions)? These are web sites run by people that care about programming and IT, and aren’t into ripping people off. Hopefully this will force Experts Exchange to no longer try and trick people out of their money, or make it go away forever.

    There are a lot of quality people that participate in these sites (including me ;-) ) so check them out if you don’t know about them already.

    Cheers, Alex.

    • Thanks for the info, Alex. I’m not sure if I’ve run across those two much, but there are certainly more great free resources out there than pay ones. In some domains, Experts Exchange just seems to turn up a lot (I’ve never tried to record which).



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