Fake Latin Generator

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It’s truly fun what you can find out on the Web to help out you these days.  Here’s another one: a "fake Latin" generator.  You know that unintelligible text that you see in content when you’re looking at a demo?  Well, it’s there on purpose to prevent you from focusing on the text and instead pay attention to the functionality.  If you’ve ever done demos, you know how important this can be.

Well, over at the 4 Guys from Rolla site, they talk about having had this problem before.  Being techies, they decided to create a little app to help with it.  If you go to their Fake Latin Demo page, you can enter the number of paragraphs you want and get a nice fresh heap of fake Latin.  You can even look at the code they wrote to do it.  Nice!



  1. Or in MS Word 2007 you can just type =lorem() and press enter. :) Much easier than downloading a program.

    If you want a specific number of paragraphs of lorem ipsum text and want each paragraph to contain a particular number of lines, you can use the attributes of the =lorem() command to do the job for you. For instance, if you want 5 paragraphs of lorem ipsum text generated with each paragraph containing 2 sentences, you should type =lorem(5,2)

    If you’re using an earlier version of Word, you can try the =rand() command but not sure if that works.


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