SharePoint List Column Naming Best Practice

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Try to use English column names (like "Finding Filed By" rather than "FindingBy").  It’ll make your UI nicer to look at.  Also beware of the fact (you’ve no doubt noticed this) that there are actually two names for each column, the display name and the internal name.

For instance, if you create a column called "Finding Filed By", the internal name is "Finding_x0020_Filed_x0020_By".  There is a 32 character cutoff, including the "_x0020_"s. If you rename the column to "FindingBy", the internal name is still "Finding_x0020_Filed_x0020_By".

What I usually do is fiddle while I’m getting things right and then delete the columns that have internal names that are far off from their display names and then add them back so that things are consistent.

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