Displaying All Site Members in Sharepoint for a FaceBook

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There is no way in native SharePoint to display all of the Site Collection’s users for a "FaceBook" type of application.  However, there is a slightly messy trick you can use to accomplish this.

Add a Content Editor Web Part wherever you want to provide a link to the FaceBook and add the following link in the Source Editor (replacing [your search results page] appropriately — you may want to just use the default people search page at http:///yourservername/SearchCenter/Pages/peopleresults.aspx)

<A title="" href="[your search results page]?k=LastName%3Aa* +LastName%3Ab* +LastName%3Ac* +LastName%3Ad* +LastName%3Ae* +LastName%3Af* +LastName%3Ag* +LastName%3Ah* +LastName%3Ai* +LastName%3Aj* +LastName%3Ak* +LastName%3Al* +LastName%3Am* +LastName%3An* +LastName%3Ao* +LastName%3Ap* +LastName%3Aq* +LastName%3Ar* +LastName%3As* +LastName%3At* +LastName%3Au* +LastName%3Av* +LastName%3Aw* +LastName%3Ax* +LastName%3Ay* +LastName%3Az*" target="">Show me everyone in the FaceBook.</A>

Since you are asking for people with last names that start with each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, you’ll have everyone in the Site Collection returned.

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