JPG Images on SharePoint Sites: CMYK vs. RGB

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This may seem like a simple one, but it caused a bit of head scratching, so it seems worth a post.

I was trying to use some JPG images in Content Editor Web Parts on a SharePoint site, so I put them into the Site Collection Images Library, which worked fine.  I could see them there, and they had thumbnails, etc.

However, when I added them to the Content Editor Web Part, I got broken images.  It turns out that the JPGs were CMYK rather than RGB.  A designer friend of mine, Natalie Pangaro, was able to see this, convert the JPGs to RGB for me, and voila, everything was fine!

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  1. I had the same problem and thought I might have a virus on my computer…or worse inside of my Adobe Creative Suite. Does Sharepoint not support CMYK?

    • Daphne:

      This is a very old post and frankly, I only vaguely remember the issue. I can’t recall whether the problem was with SharePoint serving up the images or the browser rendering them. My gut tells me that it was probably the latter. In any case, converting the images seems to be the answer.



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