A Dirty Truth

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“Look at a man’s Sharepoint sites and you will see software.  Work a day in a man’s Sharepoint sites and you will know the man.”
– Me (with an assist from NJB) paraphrasing someone much more quotable

Don’t ever trust software for what it (or its makers, or its proponents) claim it can do.  I can preach about the wonders of Sharepoint and many other things (don’t get me started on Knowledge Management — yes, I still capitalize it — or Business Intelligence), but why should you trust me?

The true measure of the software is how a real person uses it.  Demos don’t do it, nor do marketing materials.  The only point is to see it in action solving real business problems.  Ask me how I use it, ask my company how it has transformed our processes, and then make me show you.  It’s the only way to learn the real truth.

This isn’t mythology — this is business.


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