Only One SharePoint Virtual Machine Since Early 2007

Because I do 90+% of my work with SharePoint in the Middle Tier, I’ve been using just one SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) virtual machine (VM) since early 2007.  This VM is self-contained and when I need a new, unique environment, I just spin up a new Web App and Site Collection.

Why is this blog-worthy? Well, I see tweets and posts all the time about people recreating their VMs because they have hosed them somehow or because they are starting a new project and need a clean file system.  Because I typically don’t touch the file system, there’s very little for me to break.

Another reason I can still be using the same VM is I can do most development in a live environment rather than a VM.  I can open and work with even cloud-based WSS instances with SharePoint Designer without touching the file system.

I did convert the VM from VirtualPC to VMWare Workstation a few months ago when I got my new monster laptop.  I used the VMware vCenter Converter Standaloneto accomplish this, and once I figured out how it all worked, it went off without a hitch.  So, technically, it’s not the same VM, but that’s just being picky.