Trying to Be Twitterific

I’ve decided to try out this Twitter thing that all the kids are talking about.  On my recent vacation, I made a concerted effort to imagine having Twitter available as we went around doing things: “Just saw a monkey cross the road”, “Ziplining ought to be a verb because it is so much fun”, “Boy, this is good pineapple”, “Good programming practices can’t fall by the wayside with today’s fancy tools”.  OK, I have trouble turning off my work brain sometimes, I admit it.

I’ve signed up with Twitter, added the Twitter widget to my blog’s sidebar, downloaded the GeoTwitter (I love the geocoding idea!) and Tweeter apps for my iPhone, and I’m good to go.  Now the test will be if I can come up with good “work” stuff to tweet about.  No monkeys crossing the road here.

I’ve heard some interesting stories about what *not* to do with Twitter: tweeting about the great sales meeting you just had with client X (the competition *loves* to hear about that — watch them swarm), mixing work and pleasure too much (“My wife and I just took a great bubble bath” doesn’t really give you much street cred around the office), “My boss sux” (Gee, do you think she needed to hear that???).

You can watch me learn here or in my sidebar.  Maybe I’ll think of some useful things to say.  If not, well then at least it’ll be a fun experiment.