Sun ODF PlugIn for Office

We got an ODP file (turns out that’s a presentation file a la Powerpoint) from a friend the other day and couldn’t figure out how to open it until we found the Sun ODF Plug In for Office.

The overview from the above site:

  • The Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office gives users of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint the ability to read, edit and save to the ISO-standard Open Document Format (ODF).
  • The plugin works with Microsoft Office 2007 (Service Pack 1 or higher), Microsoft Office 2003, XP and Microsoft Office 2000.
  • The plugin is based on StarOffice technology and is easy to setup and use, the conversion happens transparently and the additional memory footprint is minimal.
  • The Sun ODF Plugin is currently the only converter with Enterprise support available. Enterprises who want to use the ISO-standardized file format with Microsoft Office can sign service contracts with Sun. Contact Sun Sales for further information.
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