SharePointy Observations from Vacation

Yeah, I’m hanging out on a beach in Mexico (Morgan Freeman isn’t here; someone told me he stopped by many years ago), but I never really stop SharePointing; I’m a SharePointilist.

A few observations from the lounge chair, each of which will probably turn into a full post itself:

  • If you are publishing ANYTHING about SharePoint and there isn’t a very handy Tweet This button available, you’re missing out on exposure.
  • The #SPHelp hashtag is getting overused, misused, and is in danger of being burned just like the #SharePoint hashtag. Think very hard before using it.
  • If you are using SharePoint 2010 for your Internet-facing site, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO consider mobile users. If I kept a list of the sites on which I can’t access content from my iPhone lying in the sun this week, you’d be amazed. I’m talking big name sites that should know better.

Many thanks to Mike Greene (@webdes03) for babysitting SPServices for me while I laze. He’s oftentimes far better in his responses than I am, so please say thanks if he helps you.