My Upcoming Speaking Events

Oddly, I’ve had some people asking me where I’ll be speaking in the coming weeks and months, so I figured I’d do a post with the details.

imageFirst up is SharePoint conference .ORG coming up March 7-9 in Baltimore, MD. I’ll be doing a session entitled Enhancing the User Experience with jQuery. While the title may look familiar, I never do exactly the same stuff twice, and the session is pretty much all demo. You’ll see some of the great functionality available in SPServices, but also some new things I’ve been working on.

dallas logojpgNext up is SharePoint Fest Dallas on March 16 in, well, Dallas. I’ll be doing a new session there called Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier. Though I’ve been talking about many of the bits and pieces I’ll cover here, including Data View Web Parts (DVWPs), JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, XSL, and the SharePoint Web Services using SPServices, I haven’t tied it all together in one session before except locally at BASPUG here in Boston. Based on the discussions that ensued during and after that session, we should have fun and good learnin’ in Dallas, as well.


At SharePoint Fest Denver, May 19-20, I’ll be reprising my Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier session. It’ll be a different crowd and the session in Denver will be unique, as most sessions are. Again, all demo, and I’ll have new things to show that I haven’t even thought up yet.

USPJ Academy - SharePoint TrainingFinally, you can hear me go on and on about these and other topics at the USPJ Academy anytime if you enroll as a student. I teach three courses there at the moment, and I’ll be starting a new session of my Enhancing the User Experience with jQuery course on February 28th. While a session that lasts an hour or two might cover some things, imagine a six week course with videos, forums, practical assignments and critiques to really understand this stuff. Come and join us!


Upcoming Speaking Dates and Courses: SPSDC, SPTechCon, and USPJA

Over the last week, my submissions have been accepted for two large, impressive SharePoint events. (They impress me, anyway!)  I’m also looking forward to the launch of the USPJA Academy.

SharePoint Saturday DC

First up is SharePoint Saturday DC (#SPSDC). On May 15th at the the NVCC Community Cultural Center in Annandale, VA, I’ll be speaking on How to Use jQuery to Enhance the User Experience. The session is labeled as a developer session, but I plan to cover things which ought to be of interest to anyone who works with SharePoint.

In this session, I’ll demonstrate how to use jQuery to enhance your site pages and forms, specifically with the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services, which is an open source solution available on Codeplex.  We’ll cover how to add the library to your SharePoint site and some of the most popular functions, such as SPCascadeDropdowns and SPDisplayRelatedInfo. Since I’m writing this well in advance, expect that we’ll cover the latest developments, tips, and tricks which I haven’t even thought of yet.

SharePoint Technology Conference

The second event is the 2010 Fall edition of the SharePoint Technology Conference (#SPTechCon) right here in my fair city of Boston on October 20-22.  I have two sessions for SPTechCon:

Data View Web Part Basics

This course will cover the basic workings of the Data View Web Part (DVWP).  The DVWP can be used to create customized content displays as well as custom forms.  We will cover the main components of the DVWP, XSL basics, using scripting with DVWPs, and applying styling to DVWP output.

Enhancing the User Experience With jQuery

This session will cover how to use jQuery with SharePoint to enhance the user experience and improve data quality.  You’ll learn how to get jQuery set up for use with SharePoint and how to work with the client-side Document Object Model (DOM).  Specific examples using the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (aka SPServices) will be included and may be of the most interest to business users.

If it looks like the jQuery sessions for the two events may be similar, be assured that they will likely differ a great deal. The pace of change in the ‘jQuery with SharePoint’ arena is rapid, so I’ll undoubtedly be covering things in October that *none* of us have thought about yet!

USPJA Academy

Also coming up is the “go live” date for the USPJA Academy (#USPJA).  We just opened applications up today for the Early Access Program, during which 100 lucky folks will get the opportunity to pay a greatly reduced rate and help to shape what the USPJA becomes.  I’m working on my content for the USPJA, and expect that the topics above will figure prominently in my early courses.