Easy (Relatively) Clean Up of Live Spaces Spam

Here’s a nice tip to help clean up the spam that you tend to get in the comments of your Live Space, thanks to Matt Farrington-Smith in the UK (http://windowslive.uk.msn.com/rss/article.aspx?cp-documentid=9257705).

Instead of navigating to your default Spaces homepage we’re going to visit the ‘Mobile’ version. If your Spaces default page is http://yourspacesname.spaces.live.com then your mobile Space url is http://yourspacesname.mobile.spaces.live.com (just add .mobile between your Spaces name and .spaces in the url).

Quickly delete unwanted spam comments (this isn't one)

From this stripped down mobile UI, you can delete those nasty spam comments in two quick clicks rather than having to navigate to each blog entry to edit it.

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