SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire (SPSNH) and SharePointFest Chicago 2012 Follow Up

Last week was a busy one for me, not so much with client work (though I managed to get a lot of that in, too), but with speaking at SharePoint events.

On Saturday, September 22, I was honored to deliver one sixth of the sessions in the keynote slot which kicked off the day. My session was called Getting Started with SharePoint 2013 Development. My goal with the session (it was the Standard development session to Bob German’s Advanced session) was to give an overview of what I see as some of the big changes that developers can expect when they start working with 2013. Rather than try to cover every nook and cranny (or even a large portion of them), I tried to give some links to articles out in the blogosphere that I thought gave good overviews of some of the topics. Thanks to people like Eric Shupps, Randy Drisgill, and others – I pointed to their content for later reading.

SharePointFest Chicago 2012On 25 September at SharePointFest Chicago, I was lucky to be able to present a full day workshop called SharePoint Design Essentials with the great Kyle Schaeffer (@kyleschaeffer). Watching Kyle do the design stuff he does live is a sight to see. Make time for it someday if you have any interest in SharePoint design at all. Kyle’s posted the main slide deck we used over on his blog. For the jQuery section, I did an abbreviated version of my A jQuery Primer for SharePoint slides from SharePointFest Denver.

My first regular session in Chicago was one that I’ve been doing different versions of over the last year or so-called Flying in the Cloud: New Ways to Develop for SharePoint. It’s different every time because I am always adding new examples based on the client work I’ve been doing. It’s gotten a bit long in the tooth, and it’s probably time to retire it. To me it’s not a new way of working, but with SharePoint 2013 coming along with its new app model, it’s becoming almost fashionable to use things like jQuery, Web Services, DVWPs, XSL, and CSS. You know, that “no code” stuff.

If you’re interested in the demos I showed, I’ve packaged them into a couple of WSPs which you can download and instantiate in your own environment if you’d like. Additionally, for each of the examples, I’ve done other blog posts which describe what I did and how they work, along with the code. If you can’t find the posts, feel free to ping me via the contact for or on Twitter (@sympmarc) and I can shoot you a link for what you’re looking for.

Finally, I did a session at SharePointFest Chicago called SharePoint Solutions with SPServices. It’s a live tour of the SPServices site, along with some demos from my inner sanctum: the WSS site where I do all of the development for SPServices. No slides, no net. I couldn’t find my HDMI-VGA adapter, but thanks to the very nice gentleman in the second row who loaned me his laptop, we managed to cover just about what I would have from my local VM. If you attended that session or you just have questions about SPServices, please post them in the SPServices Discussions on Codeplex.


SharePointFest Denver Follow Up

SharePointFest Denver 2012Well, I’m back from SharePointFest Denver – for the record, red eye flights suck – and I want to thank the SharePointFest team for a job well done. It was a fun conference, as it was last year, and a great excuse for me to spend a few days in advance with my two brothers and their families. As always it’s great to catch up with SharePointilist friends of old and to meet new ones.

SharePointFest Chicago 2012I’m looking forward to SharePointFest Chicago in September. In Chicago, Kyle Schaeffer (@kyleschaeffer) and I will be reprising the workshop we did earlier this year at the SharePoint Conference .ORG called SharePoint Design Essentials. Kyle is a design and branding superstar and I’m honored to share the podium with him. I’ll also be doing the same two regular sessions I did in Denver: Flying in the Cloud: New Ways to Develop for SharePoint and SharePoint Solutions with SPServices. Maybe better the second time?

I want to thank everyone who came to my two half-day workshops and two regular sessions at SharePointFest Denver this week. I hope you all enjoyed the sessions, and feel free to follow up with me if you have any questions about what we covered.

I’ve posted the slides for A jQuery Primer for SharePoint and Flying in the Cloud: New Ways to Develop for SharePoint on SlideShare. Richard Harbridge (@rharbridge) convinced me of the merits of a SlideShare subscription and in a cool twist, the SharePointfest Denver – A jQuery Primer for SharePoint slides were featured on the SlideShare home page yesterday and today. Now that’s a nice welcome to a Web site subscription.

For those of you who’d like to view the slides right here, they are embedded below.

There are two WSPs which contain the demo sites I used across the sessions. Both WSPs are contained in this ZIP file: SharePointFest Denver 2012. Some people have issues when they try to instantiate solutions like this in their environment, most often due to an activated features mismatch. Let me know if you have problems, and perhaps we can work through them.

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