JavaScript and jQuery for SharePoint 2013 Training – Online Class

SharePoint-Videos.comNext Thursday, May 23rd, 2013, I’ll be teaching a class for called “JavaScript and jQuery for SharePoint 2013”. It’s an online class that is available to everyone, but it’s filling up fast.

This will be my first class fully focused on jQuery with SharePoint 2013, and I’ve had a lot of fun putting it together. SharePoint 2013 is more geared for great client-side programming opportunities than prior versions. Adding these development techniques to your toolkit can really help solve business requirements and improve the SharePoint user experience.

Here’s the registration link if you’d like to join us, and the class outline is below.

Class Outline

A jQuery Primer for SharePoint

  • Learn the important functionality of jQuery in SharePoint context
  • Find the parts of the page you need to work with using selectors
  • Traverse the Document Object Model (DOM) to act upon related elements
  • Manipulate elements to change their behavior, look, or structure
  • Bind to DOM events to add behavior and functionality
  • Use jQuery effects to add pizazz
  • Interact with the SharePoint server or other external services using AJAX
  • Improve the user experience and process by using deferred objects

SharePoint Client-Side Programming

  • Discuss the different client-side options: CSOM, REST, and SPServices (SOAP) and how to use each approach
  • Review examples of equivalent functionality using all three methods
  • Discover when each approach is best
  • Overview of the new App model
  • Find out when client-side programming makes sense and when it doesn’t

Richer UIs Using jQueryUI and Other Script-Based Plugins

  • Configurable dialogs
  • Improved calendaring
  • Drag and Drop
  • Autocomplete
  • Image Rotators