Create a Business Solution, Step by Step, with No Managed Code at SPTechCon Boston 2013

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I’m doing two regular sessions this time around and one tutorial. Tutorials at SPTechCon used to be called workshops and I always wanted to try to do what I think of as a “real’ workshop: a session in which we work through some challenge as a group from start to finish. I managed to convince David Rubinstein (@drubinstein) at BZMedia, the SPTechCon head honcho, that this would be a good idea for me to try. We’ll see if I led him down a garden path or not, I suppose.

Here’s the description of the tutorial, taken directly from the listing on the SPTechCon site:

People often ask this instructor how he comes up with the somewhat unorthodox solutions he has built in SharePoint. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can devise powerful solutions from beginning to end without deploying any managed code. First, we’ll take a business problem submitted by one of you, go through a rapid design session, and figure out how we might build it. Next, you’ll be taken through the actual solution the instructor whacked together based on the requirements beforehand, and we’ll compare and contrast. Hopefully, we will hit on most of the same high points that we’ve designed into the solution together, but since we won’t know until we get there, all bets are off!
We’ll do the work in SharePoint 2010 so that the solution’s usefulness will be as wide as possible. However, we’ll dip into SharePoint 2013 as well to see how the solution might work there and discuss how we might approach things differently.
If you are interested in this tutorial and have a small solution you’d like to see the instructor run through, please send it to him via his blog ( before July 15. He will post the details of the requirements you’ll use, and then get cracking on his solution. A few constraints just to keep things relatively straightforward:

  • Single-site collection
  • Departmental scale solution (we’re not going to rebuild My Sites)
  • Things that are off the table: User Profiles, External Content Types (BCS), complex workflows, etc.

In other words, the point is education, not complexity or a production-ready solution. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and participate. We’ll be making it up as we go, and we’ll all learn together!

Level: Intermediate

Topic Area : Developer Essentials, Information Worker Essentials

This post is to open up the discussion about a good topic or solution for the tutorial. If you have something you think would have broad appeal, I encourage you to post it as a comment here. Katie Serignese at BZMedia is also going to help me get the word out, so if something comes to me some other way, I’ll post it as a comment here myself. Even if you can’t make it to SPTechCon for some reason (Really? It’s a great conference!), if you have an idea, please post it. If you’re not there, I’ll still make sure that you get the demos and slides

In this case, it’s not a democracy, as I get to decide on the final topic(s). However, I’m sure many of you will have great ideas. If nothing else, we’ll gather a list of interesting things that one ought to be able to accomplish in SharePoint.

Please leave your ideas by July 15 and I’ll post the “winner(s)” shortly thereafter. Then plan to attend my tutorial on Sunday, August 11 from 9:00am-12:15pm and see if I can pull it off or not. It might be like watching a bad trapeze artist working without a net or it might be a thing of beauty. If you miss it, you may never know!