SharePoint and Exchange Forum (SEF) 2013 Wrap Up

Panorama of Stockholm's Royal Palace

Panorama of Stockholm’s Royal Palace

I’m just returning from another splendid time at the SharePoint and Exchange Forum (SEF) conference in Stockholm, Sweden. This year, the conference was actually international: it was held on the Silja Symphony cruise ship in both the Stockholm and Helsinki harbors. It was an interesting and fun venue for a conference, and for those organizers out there looking for a fresh, new idea, this was a great one.

Silja Symphony at port in Helsinki

Silja Symphony at port in Helsinki

Many thanks to Göran Husman (@GHusman) and the entire Humandata team for a warm welcome (as always), and a job very well done on the conference. I hope to return to Stockholm – or wherever else we might sail – many times in the future.

It was great fun to have my wife Melanie (@koochiku) along on this trip – her first SharePoint conference. Now she will understand just a little bit why I go on and on about why the SharePoint community is such a wonderful thing to be a part of.

I also really enjoyed seeing my compadre in “no code” solutions (we call it code, regardless what everyone else says) and friend Christian Ståhl (@cstahl) and having the chance to take a walking tour of Helsinki with him.

Here are the slide decks from my three sessions at the conference, which are up on SlideShare. Feel free to comment here with any questions or suggestions any time.

Tack för en underbar konferens!