The MOSS Show SharePoint Podcast: Episode 87 – Talking JavaScript with Marc Anderson

The MOSS ShowBack in late January, I sat down – in the virtual sense, as usual – with Hilton Giesenow (@hiltongiesenow or the slightly more active @TheMossShow) to have a chat about JavaScript for his MOSS Show SharePoint Podcast. At the time, we were in the throes of trying to figure out what had happened on Office365 with some breaking DOM changes. Breaking for us JavaScript folks, anyway. We covered a number of topics like improving the user experience in SharePoint, what’s been going on with JavaScript over the years in the SharePoint community, and more.

From Hilton’s intro to Episode 87 – Talking JavaScript with Marc Anderson:

The entire web development world seems to have had a love-hate-love-hate relationship with JavaScript over the many years of its existence, and it’s no different in the SharePoint world, albeit a few years behind in many cases. In this episode we speak with many-year industry veteran and long time SharePointer Marc Anderson about his experiences with JavaScript and SharePoint over the years, his wildly successful SPServices library, Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and lots more.

Head on over to Episode 87 – Talking JavaScript with Marc Anderson and have a listen.



Consultant Chronicles Podcast on SharePoint Middle Tier Development

Last week, while I was in Connecticut working with Dan Antion’s team, I was able to meet Mark Thompson (@MCTSMark) and Bill Kelly, who run the blog Consultant Chronicle. Mark and Bill are aiming to build readership amongst consultants and practitioners in the general technology space. Or, as their subtitle says “Building a community to share experiences, insights and to engage with Subject Matter Experts”.

clip_image002We sat down and recorded a podcast entitled SharePoint Middle Tier Development podcast logo, in which Dan and I responded to their questions about the topic and how Dan plans to take advantage of Middle Tier development techniques.

Listen in to hear more about why Dan and I were working together, some of my candid thoughts about SharePoint Designer 2010, how Dan and I have seen the SharePoint landscape change over the last few years, who’s getting what real work done in the Middle Tier, and find out what my wife thinks about me giving away free software.

Afterward we had a very nice dinner together in downtown Hartford, discussing all manner of things we run into working with our clients. Good food and good times.

Thanks to Dan for the photo above and Mark for the photo below, both from the recording session.