"An Outlook Address Book entry cannot be used as an e-mail address in a contact."


Um, yeah. It’s almost impossible to figure out what this means. I was trying to move an email address in an existing contact in Outlook 2010 from the E-mail slot to the E-mail 2 slot  and this gem popped up when I tried to paste it.

Turning to Bing, nothing of any use.Google, much the same. However, I found questions on this at least back to 2004 with Outlook 2003. So what’s going on?

Well, I have no idea, really, but here’s the fix that worked for me. First, I copied the existing email address from the E-mail slot into the Notes field for safekeeping. Then I updated the E-mail slot with the new email address I wanted to add and saved the contact. Next I opened the contact up again, copied the old email address out of the Notes field and pasted it into the E-mail 2 slot. This time I was allowed to past the old email address in.

I tried all sorts of variations on this, and what I described above was the only one that worked, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some smarter way around it. Frankly, I’m not sure why it works, but it does.

Another one for the “I just wasted a bunch of time so you don’t have to” bucket.