Importing Blogroll Links into WordPress from an Outlook 2007 OPML Export

If you’d like to import your RSS feeds from Outlook 2007 into your WordPress blogroll, you can use the Tools / Import capability, as outlined in this WordPress support article.  However, when I went to do this, no matter how many times I tried it, it wouldn’t work.

I finally exported my existing blogroll from WordPress and compared the OPML files.  Turns out that you need to do two search and replaces in your Outlook-generated OPML file for the import to work:

  1. Replace all type=”RSS” with type=”link”
  2. Replace all xmlUrl= with htmlUrl=

So, for instance:

<outline text=”Heather Solomon – MVP, WSS – SharePoint Branding and Design”
type=”rss” xmlUrl=””/>


<outline text=”Heather Solomon – MVP, WSS – SharePoint Branding and Design”
type=”link” htmlUrl=””/>


p.s. Yes, I know that all of my links are now to the RSS feeds and not the sites themselves.  All the better to subscribe to!


iPhone and Exchange Synchronization Problems – Maybe a Solution?

In a previous post, I talked about the problems that I was having getting emails on my iPhone when I was getting SharePoint alerts.  I still haven’t figured out the issue, but here’s something I’m trying to solve it.

My Exchange hosting provider recently pointed out that I had exceeded my quota, so I went on a search and destroy mission.  I noticed that I had about 18Mb of stuff in the sync error folders in Outlook.  I decided to run ScanOST (located in C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12 if you are running Office 2007, and probably an analogous location with previous versions) to clear this stuff out and resolve the issues.

I’m not sure if this will solve my sync errors with my iPhone, but I’m sure that it can’t hurt, and this will also clear up any sync issues for me.  My iPhone is in Boston and I’m in Costa Rica, so I’ll have to report back on the effectiveness of this idea later.

UPDATE 2009-04-02: Alas, no joy in Mudville on this.

UPDATE 2009-07-31: It occurred to me today that this hasn’t happened in a while.  Maybe the 3.0 OS upgrade fixed it, but I can’t say for sure.

Managing the Windows Common Feed List

With Windows Vista and IE7, Microsoft introduced the Windows Common Feed List.  This is a great facility that lets you share your RSS feeds between IE and Outlook (and any other Windows application that you want to use to access it).

While I really like the capability, I’ve been frustrated that my feeds list is getting pretty chock-a-block with things in which I am no longer interested.  For the life of me, I couldn’t find out how to manage the feed list in bulk.  (It’s easy to remove feeds one at a time in both Outlook and IE.)  I hadn’t spent the time to track down how to do this, but finally today I found this post out there on the Windows Observer blog that gave me the answers.

The feed items are stored in the folder C:Users[Username]AppDataLocalMicrosoftFeeds.  They are much like shortcuts in that they are small files that contain the details of the feeds you’ve subscribed to.  From this folder, you can delete any feeds that you’d like and they will be gone forever, both in Outlook and IE.  (Don’t delete the file FeedsStore.feedsdb-ms, as this seems to be the database that contains information about each feed.)  You can avoid conflicts when you delete feeds if you close Outlook and IE first.

One note: Depending on how you added feeds to Outlook in the first place, you may still need to delete the RSS folders there manually.