Installing the Nortel Contivity VPN Client on Vista

Odd tip of the day…

I was trying to install Nortel’s Contivity VPN client on my Vista laptop today and kept getting the error:

This version of the Contivity VPN Client can only be installed on Vista.

If this is a Vista system, turn off compatibility mode for the CVC installer (typically this is eac607d.exe).”

I found a blog posting in Spanish at the Universidad de Jaen that (when I translated it with Google Translate) mentioned renaming the install file to eac607d.exe.  Now, why that makes any sense is beyond me, but it worked!  (At least until I hit the next error.)

Next I got this error:


The version of the Nortel Contivity VPN Client that I was trying to use when I got the error above was  (I got it from a client.)  I tried a plain old vanilla copy of version, and that worked!