Disabling Modal Dialogs for List Forms in SharePoint 2010

Modal dialogs are great! They reduce postbacks! They pop up!

And they may drive your users batty if they aren’t used to them. They can also get in the way if you want to understand the DOM for the forms while you are customizing them.

Modal dialogs are great if they serve a good UI purpose. In my mind, the folks who sprinkled them into SharePoint 2010 forgot to screw the top on tightly first. Many, many times, I’m finding that they simply reduce the amount of screen real estate available for the task at hand, requiring some really silly scrolling.

Luckily, there’s a setting for that.  Under List Settings / Advanced Settings, there’s an option at the bottom you can change to help with this.


This will enable you to turn off the modal dialogs, even if its only temporary so that you can do your work. You can always turn it back on later.  But you might not want to.