InnerWorkings Adds SharePoint 2010 to Its Learning Platform in Partnership with USPJ Academy

Over at the USPJ Academy, we’re really excited to finally be able to talk publicly about the partnership we’ve formed with InnerWorkings. We’ve been working hard with them over the last few months to get our content and platform capabilities integrated with theirs to deliver our classes to their customer base. We’re proud of our content and look forward to being able to offer it to a far wider audience.

Here’s the full text of the InnerWorking press release today:

InnerWorkings Adds SharePoint 2010 to its Learning Platform

Posted by Brian Finnerty

SharePoint 2010San Francisco, CA — October 18, 2011.

InnerWorkings announced a major addition to its Learning Platform  today with the  release of self-paced SharePoint 2010 training for professional  developers and software teams.

Working in partnership with the USPJ Academy,  InnerWorkings is offering world class SharePoint learning solutions to  its customers. USPJA boasts a team of industry renowned SharePoint  experts whose approach emphasizes the real-world aspects of learning  SharePoint — a perfect fit with the InnerWorkings methodology.

InnerWorkings confirmed the immediate release of three SharePoint courses to its Learning Platform, covering the following topics:

  • Beginning SharePoint Development
  • SharePoint Data View Web Part Basics
  • SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow

Additional SharePoint courses are in development and will be released on a quarterly basis. All of the SharePoint courses  include video-based instruction from USPJA experts, hand-picked  e-books, and a virtual lab environment to practice important  configuration tasks. In addition, a Live Guide feature connects  developers and in-house SharePoint experts to facilitate ongoing support  and grading of assignments.

“With over 100M users and $1B in revenue for Microsoft, SharePoint is  the understated giant of Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration  strategy”, said Francis McKeagney, InnerWorkings CEO. “As a server-based  technology, SharePoint presents significant challenges to organizations  wishing to provide deep, hands-on training to their software teams. We  are really excited that our new offering addresses this issue in a  rigorous and compelling way. The virtual lab capability, in particular,  allows for deep learning in both generic and customizable setups. We are  delighted to partner with USPJA to deliver such a comprehensive  enterprise learning solution for SharePoint development teams. USPJA’s  knowledge and expertise has made this offering possible.”

“The market for SharePoint developers has never been hotter”, said  Bjørn Furuknap, USPJA CEO. “We’ve always been extremely confident in the  depth and quality of our SharePoint learning solutions, but this  partnership with InnerWorkings brings tremendous scale and reach to our  efforts. Coupling the technical strength of our training with the online  learning expertise and global audience of InnerWorkings is a winning  combination. We are delighted to partner with InnerWorkings to offer our  combined SharePoint learning services to a huge audience of SharePoint  developers and teams hungry to succeed in their chosen area of domain  expertise.”

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