Great SharePoint Books: ‘SharePoint Cheap Thrills’ by Ira Fuchs

SharePoint Cheap ThrillsIra Fuchs has been at it again, working to make SharePoint more interesting and accessible to Real SharePoint People. What I like about Ira’s books is that they are written for people who want to get something done from start to finish. In each book, Ira takes us through how he’s built real applications.

Ira’s latest is SharePoint Cheap Thrills. It’s no roller coaster ride, like some books are: it’s all good.

IHF PublishingIra self-publishes his books, so you get to buy directly from the author. Head on over to Ira’s imprint, IHF Publishing to learn more or buy his books.

I could say more, but I’ll let Ira tell you what he was out to accomplish this time around:

With so many SharePoint books on the market today it is difficult to determine which are truly informative and go beyond just enumerating the most fundamental features and functions of SharePoint.

It was my intent in writing SharePoint Cheap Thrills to deliver uncommon knowledge to people that empowers them to exploit the capabilities of SharePoint as fully as possible.

I  accomplish  this by identifying real-world functional requirements commonly found in most organizations and creating elegant solutions that address those needs using SharePoint’s most powerful and leveraged features, many of which are not well known or understood.

An example of one of these solutions is a workflow that can be created in just 20 minutes that generates documents and auto-populates them with customized information. There are numerous use cases for this type of application, such as employment package documents and service agreements. This is just one of the useful productivity enhancing solutions detailed in the book that will thrill people and make you look like a hero.

I am positive you will not be disappointed.


Ira Fuchs

If this book interests you, you should also take a look at Ira’s earlier opus: Enterprise Application Development in SharePoint 2010 – Creating an End-to-End Application without Code. (I’ve got to admit that I like the new, snappier title better.)

Enterprise Application Development in SharePoint 2010 – Creating an End-to-End Application without CodeFull disclosure: Ira has given me review copies of his books. The reason I wrote this post is that his books are good.