Are Newspapers Really Dead? The Boston Globe Thinks Not

And I don’t think so, either.  I love sitting down with the Boston Globe and finding out what’s going on in the world and locally.  (I am totally at odds with the editorial slant of the Globe, but that’s part of what I enjoy!)  Even better if I can read the Globe lying in the hammock on a beautiful summer day!

Today there was an insert in my Boston Globe promoting a new online option for the Globe: the GlobeReader Preview Edition.  Available to current subscribers for free (at the moment) and built with Adobe Air, it lets you download and take offline a full digital version of the newspaper.

The download and install was painless (not all are) and gosh darn it, the app gives you the paper pretty much as it looks in print.  Of course because it’s on the computer it’s fully navigable, you can adjust font sizes, you can peruse only the pictures, etc.  Of course, you can also print anything you want.  You can also store up to seven days of the paper locally.

Maybe this type of thing will be what saves newspapers.  What do you think?