Using Git with SPServices on Codeplex

gitlogo@2xThis git thing gets a lot of press these days and I figure it’s time to learn it. I selected git as the code repo on the SPServices Codeplex site quite a while ago but never used it. Now I’m trying to figure out what would be useful.

SPServices has been a single file, as most of you know. However, each release has been made up of two js files (one minified, one not) and a license.txt, all in a ZIP file.

SPServices 0.7.2 ReleaseI’d like to be able to use git to:

  • Accept code from others and easily (relatively) merge it
  • Track changes better than I have been just on my hard drive and in my WSS 3.0 development environment
  • Provide offline documentation – This is a tricky one because I’ve used the Documentation wiki on Codeplex as my repository and I’m not sure how to pull the content out.
  • What else?

I welcome any thoughts you may have. I’m especially interested in how you think I can best accomplish the bullets about with a minimum of muss and fuss for everyone.

Paul Tavares (@paul_tavares) has already started a thread on the SPServices Discussions to get the ball rolling. Please jump in with your ideas or comment here.