Adding Geolocation Columns to SharePoint Lists

One of the cool things that came along in SharePoint 2013 was Geolocation fields in lists. Using Geolocation fields, we can display Map Views in SharePoint lists. This capability is an awesome way to add visualization to your UI and can really add value in many business processes.

Map View

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Think about it. You could show:

  • A map of your customers in a region
  • A map of your office’s location on its Intranet page
  • Deliveries you’ve made in the last 30 days
  • etc.

Unfortunately, at the present time in SharePoint 2013 on premises and SharePoint Online (Office365), “The Geolocation column is not available by default in SharePoint lists. To add the column to a SharePoint list, you have to write code.” (See How to: Add a Geolocation column to a list programmatically in SharePoint 2013)

For whatever reason, there’s no way to add a new Geolocation field via the UI. Instead you have to go through some hoops with PowerShell or script. See the following articles for great tutelage on how to do this:

As I understand it, there’s an MSI package (SQLSysClrTypes.msi)that must be installed manually on the Web Front Ends (WFEs) in an on premises installation to enable Geolocation fields, but this is already in place in SharePoint Online. Given this, we should be able to add Geolocation columns to lists via the UI without PowerShell or admin intervention.

This doesn’t sit well with me. At some of my clients, getting an admin to add something to the WFEs or run PowerShell requires an act of Congress. These Geolocation capabilities are too powerful a SharePoint feature to keep them under wraps.

To wit, I’ve created a suggestion called Adding Geolocation Fields to SharePoint Lists on the Office Development UserVoice site. If you’d like to be able to use Geolocation fields in your SharePoint solutions – at least on Office365 – head on over and cast your vote(s). Remember, Microsoft is listening!


Nice Feature: Geolocation Icon in HootSuite

I noticed something new today in HootSuite, though it may have been there for a while now.  See that little icon I’ve highlighted in yellow below?


When I click on it, check this out:


Nice little feature, and I can keep better track of what my buddy Jeremy (@jthake) is up to.  Of course, you’ll only see the icon and the associated map view if the tweetee has turned on geolocation in their Twitter client.

All kidding aside, I recommend HootSuite wholeheartedly to manage your Twitter streams.  I’ve used other tools like TweetDeck and EchoFon over the last year or so, but HootSuite’s capabilities, along with the tight coupling of the browser-based and iPhone versions make it a winner for me.



And, no, I’m not being paid or otherwise rewarded by HootSuite in any way.  I just love their stuff!