Going to Review a FREE Book from Packt Publishing: SharePoint Designer Tutorial

SharePoint Designer Tutorial: Working with SharePoint Websites

Over the weekend, I received a free copy of the book SharePoint Designer Tutorial: Working with SharePoint Websites by Mike Poole.  They have asked me to review it here on my blog, and I never turn down a free book.

Is that enough for the FTC? Check out the article FTC: Bloggers who shill must also tell to read more about the new FTC rules around so-called “blogola”.  I can guarantee you that I am no shill, but who wants to run afoul of the gummint?

One unfortunate thing I noted right off the bat (I thought maybe they had sent me the wrong book) is that, on the copy I received, the text is set up like this on the cover and similarly on the spine:


Maybe it’s me, but if I were to glance at this on a bookshelf, I wouldn’t think it was about “SharePoint Designer”, but instead was about SharePoint and *for* designers (meaning graphic designers, layout artists, etc.)

If anyone out there has read this book and has input on it, leave me a comment, and watch for a review later in this space.