MSDN Forum Jam 2010

Better late than never to post about this, I suppose.  Chris Givens set up a great challenge on the MSDN Forums for SharePoint which ended on April 29. You can read about it here and here.  We tweeted about it with the hashtag #forumjam2010.

Once the results were all in, I came in second.  Sure, I was disappointed, but Clayton Cobb was just a machine in pulling in the points. Congratulations, Clayton! I look forward to our next “smack down”.

I came in second, and I’ll take it.  I had to capture Chris’ announcement of it:

Second, Marc Anderson, the King of SharePoint JQuery knowledge out of Boston.  He can make End Users sing love and joy not seen since Woodstock when working with SharePoint and just using the SharePoint Data View and Content Query Web parts!  Although he is not a SharePoint MVP, I have not seen a reason why he is not one.  He has certainly contributed more than I have seen most SharePoint MVPs contribute in, well, let’s be honest, EVER!

Thanks for the kind words, Chris!

For second place, I got a set of Architecting Connected Systems‘ SharePoint 2010 training materials.  I’m making copies as I speak to sell on the InterWebs.  (Just kidding.)  This looks to be excellent stuff, and I’m looking forward to reading it in a spare moment.

image I think this kind of contest should be a more regular thing.  Different people respond to different types of rewards and a contest like this might bring people out to build the SharePoint community more than just the little ribbons that MSDN gives us.  (What’s after five ribbons, anyway? No one can give me a good answer. My motivation is flagging. ;-)  )