Font Usage Surveys for the Windows, Mac, and Linux Platforms

As I was working through the potential solution to the poser I posted yesterday (Setting Multi-Select Picker Widths in a SharePoint Form Reliably) last night, my addled brain wasn’t coming up with a good list of fonts to test my algorithm.  I turned to the interWebs and found a slick site which has a great set of surveys of font usage for various platforms.

If you voyage on over to the CodeStyle Web Site, you’ll find all sorts of great information.  What I was looking for was on the CSS font sampler and survey page, which gives you all of this delicious content to consume:

  • Windows font survey and font survey results Windows
  • Mac font survey and font survey results Macintosh
  • Linux font survey and font survey results Unix
  • Combined survey results for all platforms
  • Classification of the most common fonts by generic font family:
  • CSS font family glossary
  • Anchor Points: Font foundries & sources

    If you visit the font survey page for your platform, you can contribute to the survey by letting a little Java applet scan your machine for the installed fonts.

    I’m not sure how this site fits into the general value scale of what’s out there on the Web, but it seems like a great, valuable set of information that looks valid to me.

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