SharePoint Saturday EMEA Follow Up

Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEAThanks to everyone who attended my session at SharePoint Saturday EMEA yesterday. If you’re interested in looking under the covers of the demo that I did on Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier, there is a Site Template (MiddleTier.WSP) available on my Sympraxis Consulting demo site in the upper right which you can download and instantiate in SharePoint 2010. It contains the full solution which I showed, and you’re welcome to use it in any way you’d like. Just remember it’s a demo, and you shouldn’t consider it a true application unless you customize it to your own needs.


If you missed my session (or anyone else’s), I understand from Mark that the recordings will all be available within the next two weeks on, so watch that space.

I really enjoyed the parts of Mark Rackley’s and Jim Bob Howard’s sessions which I caught before mine. (I went back and forth between watching and working on building a Lego set with my son. It *was* early Saturday morning, after all.) It was also cool to see them talking about SPServices in their presentations.

Each time I’m involved with a SharePoint event, whether physical or virtual, I’m amazed at the steps forward the organizers are able to take. The events are better and better organized and the speakers and the content continually kicks it up another notch. Thanks go out to all of the speakers who made this one work as well as the organizing team:


Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA Coming Up!

I’ll be doing a session at Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA on January 22nd, 2011 entitled Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier. (I know I’m going to get some guff about continuing to use the ‘Middle Tier’ moniker; I’m OK with that.)

While most of the market focus in SharePoint development lies with .NET skills and techniques, there is a rich middle ground which has been rapidly gathering a following. Developing in the Middle Tier with SharePoint Designer, Data View Web Parts (DVWPs), jQuery, and the SharePoint Web Services using SPServices, you can build rich solutions with no risk of deploying managed code to your SharePoint servers.

In this session, Marc will show examples of Middle Tier development techniques and answer your questions about when Middle Tier development may prove to be a highly viable alternative to traditional .NET development.

If you’re not near a city that has a Sharepoint Saturday scheduled, you may want to sign up for this one. Since it’s focused on EMEA (Europe. Middle East, and Africa if you haven’t heard the acronym before), the times are unpleasant for us here in the US, but this is a truly global SharePoint Saturday and a great chance to hear from SharePoint experts from all over.

From the event organizers:

This is the second annual SPSEMEA and promises to be a huge event with over 30 sessions, 4 simultaneous Live Meeting Channels and a public text chat room open to participants and speakers.

Registration for SPSEMEA begins on January 11 and is free to the global SharePoint Community. There are over 30 SharePoint Evangelists, including 10 SharePoint MVPs, from around the world providing content you would normally only see at a paid SharePoint Conference. Tracks are set for SharePoint End Users and Business Managers on topics for “How We Did It: Real World Case Studies“, “No Code/Assembly Solutions“, “SharePoint Interface Branding“, and “SharePoint for Business“. The sessions will be recorded and made available two weeks after the event.

We hope you’ll join us for Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA. Please register in advance to guarantee yourself free access to some of the best presentations available, all aimed at SharePoint End Users.

See you there.

Mark Miller (@eusp), United States
Toni Frankola (@ToniFrankola), Croatia
Isaac Stith (@MrIsaac), United States
Ayman El-Hattab (@aymanelhattab), Egypt