Comcast Email Woes – Part Two (And Final?)

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You just knew that there would be at least one more post on this, didn’t you? I certainly did, thus the Part 1 (Probably) on the last one.

For those of you who don’t read every single one of my posts (shame on you), I had been having trouble sending email to my wife’s Comcast email account for about a week. I contacted Comcast to try to figure out why and had a less than satisfying experience so I decided to post about it. Well, as of yesterday, things seem to be back to normal. Of course, I haven’t heard anything at all from Comcast, nor do I really expect to. So problem solved, I guess, and me none the wiser.

One thing I didn’t mention in my other post was the great experience I had with my email provider, on this, as well as any other things like this. Whenever I put in a ticket with FPWeb, I get fast, helpful responses. No, they can’t always solve everything instantly, but that’s the way the world works. The point is that they try hard, they are pleasant about it, and they get it done. That’s why when the guys over at FPWeb told me that they thought the issue was on the Comcast end, I believed them.

In fact, when I wrote the first post and let them know about it (just because I thought they would get a kick out of it) Eric at FPWeb took it upon himself to fill out the Comcast form that “Roselyn” sent me to ( as well, just in case it might help.

I can’t say much for Comcast on this one, but as usual, I’ll recommend FPWeb. I use them for both my Exchange-based email and my SharePoint (WSS 3.0) hosting, and they are great. And no, I’m not getting anything for saying this; I’m just a happy customer. Given that I’m a one-man band, they certainly don’t have to pay as much attention to me as they do. But they do, and that matters a lot.


Comcast Email Woes – Part One (Probably)

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For about a week now, I haven’t been able to send emails to my wife, Melanie. We’re both using the same email addresses we’ve used for at least a couple of years, so nothing’s changed on our end. It finally annoyed me enough to try to do something about it today.

I logged into my wife’s Comcast account (yes, she allowed me to do this) and started a chat with a rep at Comcast. I snipped out the text of the chat session and it’s below. In the chat, I’m Melanie.  I haven’t fixed any of my typos or “Roselyn”‘s, but I did blur out my wife’s email address and the email subject.


I didn’t find the chat all that comforting or knowledgeable. I know this is just one little issue for a giant company. But it’s an instance where Melanie’s husband is considered guilty before he is considered innocent.

The link that “Roselyn” sent Melanie to is  This is a page where an email provider or administrator would report a blocked IP to Comcast. It’s not a very intuitive form (do you *really* know the IP address of your outbound email server?) and it seems like a shunting of the problem.

I filled out the form, but I’m not very hopeful about a positive outcome anytime soon. In the meantime, I have to send my wife emails from another account, being careful not to reply directly when she emails me. (It takes about 4-5 hours before my email bounces back and I realize I made the mistake.)

As the real Melanie just said in an email to me (which I can’t reply to), “It’s just ridiculous that in this day and age they can’t figure this out real time.” Yup, I agree.