Problems With My HP Envy 15 Battery Semi-Solved

I’ve been having problems with my HP Envy 15 laptop slice battery. The battery is a unique one, as it fits fully across the entire laptop on the bottom.


It’s a really cool looking thing, but the way it attaches to the bottom of the laptop is, well, stupid. I’ve had lots of problems with the two slice batteries I have. The little latch things either break easily or don’t hold the battery on tightly or for very long. There’s no obvious solution to the latch issue (Superglue? Duct Tape?), but I was having a different issue as well.

imageFrequently the slice battery was showing a 100% charge, yet clearly it wasn’t fully charged, as the laptop only lasted about an hour and a half on the main battery charge. Other times, it showed a lower charge level (today it was 61%), yet the battery meter said “plugged in, not charging”.image

This seems to be a problem not just with my specific machine, but with lots of machines running Windows Vista and Windows 7, based on all of the complaints I read on the Web.

I tried everything I could think of and everything I read about on the Web. Yet there was one more last thought I had, and it seemed to work.

I was leaning on my laptop reading something on the screen and I noticed that the battery meter was showing the little charge animation. When I stopped leaning on the laptop, it stopped charging. It occurred to me to pry up the little prongs on the battery to increase the likelihood of a connection with the bottom of the laptop, and it seems to have done the trick.



I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ve finally hit on a solution, but I’ve also ordered a new main battery and a new slice battery just in case. I can’t afford to waste time with a down laptop if I can avoid it.