How Do You Use SharePoint? at AIIM New England

AIIM New EnglandBack on November 13 (my, how time flies), I was honored to be on the panel at an AIIM New England (AIIMNE) event entitled “How Are You Using SharePoint?”

If you don’t know Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and you have anything at all to do with information management, you should check them out. From their Web site:

AIIM is the global community of information professionals. We provide the education, research and certification that information professionals need to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile, social, cloud and big data.

Along with me on the panel were two esteemed colleagues from the Boston area, Derek Cash-Peterson (@spdcp) of Blue Metal Architects and Russ Edelman (@RussECM), President of Corridor Company.

Our moderator was the inimitable Steve Weissman (@steveweissman) of the Holly Group and President of AIIMNE, and Dan Antion (@dantion), VP Programs & Marketing of AIIMNE rounded things out as our emcee and coordinator extraordinaire.

I used a few slides to help me wax philosophical about how I think people are using SharePoint and the fact that many aren’t using SharePoint to anywhere near it’s transformational potential. Yeah, maybe I was a bit of a downer, but the reason was to point out the “aspirational possibilities are still there”. I was able to mention in some detail the great work that Sadie Van Buren (@sadalit), also of Blue Metal Architects, has done with the SharePoint Maturity Model over the years. (Stay tuned for more developments coming from her soon.)

Here are my few slides, posted on SlideShare:

I could go on and on about the great discussion we had, but one of the great things about the AIIMNE Chapter events this year is that they are putting out a white paper from each event which summarizes the high points. You can download the Experience Report – How Do You Use SharePoint from our event from the AIIMNE Web site.

You can also check out the white paper from the prior event Can I Trust You? while you’re there.

Thanks Dan for the invitation and to everyone who attended, whether in person or online. As I said, we had a great discussion, and I hope I’ll be invited back from more sometime soon.