Building solutions in SharePoint isn’t simply about getting the functionality right based on the business requirements. Developers must think about the entire user experience (UX), which goes far beyond the technical aspects of the solution. It’s no longer good enough to meet the specifications. We must exceed them in terms of usability. This takes many developers out of their comfort zones and into the messy world of end users.

In this interactive session, we’ll discuss questions like:
* How should the user feel when they use this piece of functionality?
* Will they perceive that this functionality saves them work or creates new work?
* How will the functionality compare to what they see on the consumer Web?
* How can we use technologies which haven’t historically been considered mainstream SharePoint developer tools (like jQuery and CSS) to make SharePoint feel more like the sites people love?
We’ll look at good and bad examples from SharePoint itself as well as specific customizations.

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