I’ve been lucky to be involved with several books that have been published about various aspects of SharePoint.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the SharePoint Data View Web Part XSL Tags

Based on a popular set of articles on EndUserSharePoint.com and here on my blog, UTMOTSPDVWPXT is a valuable eBook which can help you to understand the inner workings of the XSL used in SharePoint’s Data View Web Parts (DVWPs), Content Query Web Parts (CQWPs), and XSLT List View Web Parts (XLVs).

Writing a whole book has seemed – at least so far – too intimidating a task for me. Instead of writing whole books, I’ve contributed chapters and other rah-rah assistance to several books, each of which is shown here for your enjoyment. If you enjoy my blog, maybe one of these books would strike your fancy as well.

SharePoint 2010 at Work: Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions

Mark Miller (Editor), Authors: Waldek Mastykarz, Peter Allen, Dessie Lunsford, Sadalit Van Buren, Marc D. Anderson, Eric Alexander, Alexander Bautz, Jim Bob Howard, Laura Rogers, Kerri Abraham

Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint

Mark Miller (Editor), Mark Fidelman (Foreword), Authors: Marc D. Anderson, Dave Coleman, Wendy Neal, Ben Tedder, Paul Tavares, Eric Overfield, Josh McCarty



  1. Marc, got your book, Unlocking Mysteries …
    I don’t get it. The whole book seems like a mystery. You have a Chapter 20 that is actually blank? Chapter 1 is labeled overview but doesn’t give an overview. It literally says, xsl:call template … and some other tags but no one single explanation of what I’m looking at.

    You’ll have to excuse me but I’ve been a technical writer for a great number of years. Your book literally makes no sense. I’m starting to wonder if I got a poor download from Amazon. Can you confirm that Chapter 20 is literally blank?

    • J:

      The conclusion in Chapter 20 is only a paragraph, but there is one. Chapter 1 does have text wrapped around those tags. So I’m guessing that you may have gotten a corrupted copy. I’ll shoot you a clean PDF via the email you used to register here.


  2. Hi , I had a similar problem. I just purchased book and first wasn’t even able to download. once I downloaded book – the formatting was suspicious meaning a lot of white space between pages, etc. which is why I had contacted you on a couple different sites.

    • Tyrea:

      This is the first I’ve heard of your issue. Contact me via the Contact page here with your email address and we’ll get it sorted out. For some reason the PDF doesn’t display correctly on all machines.



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